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E-R: Vintage!: What are the qualifications for a horse to become a Champion/Grand Champion?


The following are the current qualifications to be championed:

Beginner Champion
Must have 10 Beginner points and beaten 20 horses in beginner bracket shows.

Novice Champion
Must have 15 Novice points and beaten 30 horses in novice bracket shows. 

Advanced Champion
Must have 20 Advanced points and beaten 40 horses in advanced bracket shows. 

Expert Champion
Must have 25 Expert Points and beaten 50 horses in expert bracket shows. 

Grand Champion
Must be a champion in all four brackets. 

National Champion
Must have won 75 Grand Champion points and beaten 150 horses in Grand Champion bracket shows. 

World Champion
Must have won 150 National Champion points and beaten 300 horses in National Champion bracket shows. 

As you can see becoming a champion becomes more difficult as you progress through the brackets. To be a Grand Champion the horse must be a champion in all four of the brackets. To qualify to compete at the National and World levels the horse must qualify as a Grand Champion. 
Wins/horses beaten from the lower brackets do not count toward the upper brackets. All titles the horse has earned (if any) are displayed above the horse's name. The number of wins/horses beaten required can and will be altered as the game grows to keep it challenging.

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