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E-R: Vintage!: How many free accounts may I have? Article not rated yet
Players can have one (1) free account. If you would like to have more than one ranch, please upgrade to Premium Membership.
E-R: Vintage!: How do you transfer money between accounts? Article not rated yet
In order to transfer money you have to perform a private sale for the horse. However, it would be wise to notify the Administration before hand as this can red flag you. This is due to players in the ...
E-R: Vintage!: Can we have multiple free accounts? Article not rated yet
No.Members are allowed ONE FREE ACCOUNT. If you try to get around this, you will be fined and your horses taken. Multiple offenses may result in you being banned from the game. Multiple free accounts ...
E-R: Vintage!: Can we have multiple paid accounts? Article not rated yet
Yes.  You may have as many Paid accounts as you'd like, but you may only have one Free account.
E-R: Vintage!: I have several paid ranches and do not want to renew them. What should I do? Article not rated yet
If you no longer wish to keep paid memberships, please use the in game "Contact Us" link and send a request to have the other ranches closed once the membership expires.
E-R: Vintage!: I'm a Paid Member. Is there anyway for me to separate my breeds between my paid accounts and free account? Article not rated yet
Yes. You can buy horses from yourself for your white ribbon ranch, but not the other way. Those sales must be at market rates and in compliance with all the site rules, particularly those specified in...
E-R: Vintage!: Can I create a free account and use it as a place to put horses I am not using for shows just breeding and move them to my premium ranch to breed then move them back to my free account? Article not rated yet
No.  That is what you have a pasture for. As a premium account holder, you are allowed as many paid accounts as you want, but still only *one* free account beyond those. All accounts are to be ru...
E-R: Vintage!: How do I subscribe? Article rated 3.0/5.0
Equine Ranch: Vintage takes credit cards or PayPal as it’s main forms of payment.Be advised - If you subscribe through Paypal and then do not wish to remain a Paid Member, you must unsubscribe y...
E-R: Vintage!: What is the difference between Free and Paid membership? Article rated 3.4/5.0
White Ribbon Free:receives 2 foundation horsesmay breed 1 foal per weekmay show 2 horses per game monthcan only use generic and basic horse feedscannot host eventscannot sell horsescan own 25 horsesha...
E-R: Vintage!: What is a premium account and how do I get one? Article rated 2.6/5.0
A premium account is a paid account. You can tell the difference between free and paid accounts by looking on your ranch management page. If you are a paid member, it will say Blue, Red or Yellow ribb...

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