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E-R: Vintage!: How old must my horse be to enter events? Article rated 3.0/5.0
Horses may compete between the ages of 2 years and 25 years. A horse younger than 24 Game months will not be eligible for showing.
E-R: Vintage!: My horse is trained to 4.99 in one discipline, will it matter if I change it to a different discipline? Article not rated yet
No. Even if a horse has been trained to the top of the bracket in one discipline, you can still change it to another. It will not need any further training until it has gained its BCh.
E-R: Vintage!: What are the abbreviation for the championships? Article rated 5.0/5.0
BCh - Beginner ChampionNCh - Novice ChampionACh - Advanced ChampionGCh - Grand ChampionNatCh - National ChampionWCh - World ChampionThe first three appear in abbreviated form to the left of the horse'...
E-R: Vintage!: What are the brackets? How many levels are there per bracket? Article rated 5.0/5.0
The brackets are: Beginner, Novice, Advanced, Expert, Grand Champion, National Champion and World Champion.Beginner has 0-5.00Novice - 0-8.00Advanced - 0-12.00Expert - 0-15.00Grand Champion - lvl 15.0...
E-R: Vintage!: What are the qualifications for a horse to become a Champion/Grand Champion? Article rated 5.0/5.0
The following are the current qualifications to be championed:Beginner ChampionMust have 10 Beginner points and beaten 20 horses in beginner bracket shows.Novice ChampionMust have 15 Novice points and...
E-R: Vintage!: How does my horse earn points? Article rated 5.0/5.0
Each horse who both comes in first in a class and in the same class defeats at least one other horse earns one point. Points reset to zero when the horse gains a championship in that bracket.
E-R: Vintage!: My horse got a championship and the points reset, but why didn't the horses beaten also reset? Article not rated yet
Horses beaten in a bracket does not reset while the horse is still in that bracket. Once the horse is advanced to a new bracket, that number is based on horses beaten in the new bracket, so it's zero ...
E-R: Vintage!: How do I enter shows? Article rated 2.3/5.0
Once your horse has reached the age of 2 years, it is able to show. The easiest way to enter you horse into a show is to go to its page and scroll down to the “Enter Events” button. This w...
E-R: Vintage!: Who can host events? Article not rated yet
Only Premium Members (Red and Blue ribbon players) are allowed to host shows.
E-R: Vintage!: How do you host events? Article not rated yet
In the side menu simply select the host a show link and choose what type of show it will be, when it will be (you can select a time limit up to two weeks from the day you made the show), how much the ...
E-R: Vintage!: How is the Entry fees for shows divided? Article not rated yet
50% of the entry fee goes towards the show's purse. 25% will go to the show's host. And the remaining 25% goes to the Show Committee for judging.
E-R: Vintage!: Do genetic disorders affect a horses ability to show? Article rated 1.0/5.0
Horses which have a genetic disorder are still showable. Carriers do not suffer in events, and are safe to show, but Affected horses' show scores are halved and so they therefore will not do well.
E-R: Vintage!: How do shows & judging work? Article not rated yet
Horses are judged on a number of factors. The inherited traits, fluid traits, health and their breed, (some horse breeds traditionally do better in show disciplines than others - for example, a thorou...
E-R: Vintage!: How do I choose/change disciplines? Article not rated yet
Once your horse is fully broke and becomes a Beginner, you are able to chose a discipline. If you want to change disciplines, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a “Chang...
E-R: Vintage!: Does the breed of the horse affect how it does in an event? Article not rated yet
Yes. Some breeds are naturally better in some events than others. However, there are too many breeds in the game to list each one.
E-R: Vintage!: I tried to enter my horse into a show but it's not listed. It's in the correct discipline, why can't I enter? Article rated 5.0/5.0
First, check the horse's age. If a horse is not 24 Game Months then you will not be able to enter the show. Also, be sure that you are not entering a Single Breed Only show. If you still cannot enter ...
E-R: Vintage!: I entered a show and now my money is in the negatives. What happened? Article not rated yet
Check the entry fee. You pay that amount per class entered in every show. If a show has 7 classes with an entry fee of $1000 and you enter all 7 classes, then you will have spent $7000 for one show.
E-R: Vintage!: I entered my horse but when the show ran my horse was not listed. Why? Article not rated yet
Horses that move up a bracket before the show runs will be automatically pulled from the show. Horses who have their discipline changed will also be pulled. Other reasons horses are automatically pull...
E-R: Vintage!: My mare is pregnant but I can't enter her into a show. Why? Article not rated yet
Pregnant mares are not allowed to compete in shows due to the stress it places on them.
E-R: Vintage!: Do geldings/sterile mares have an advantage in events? Article not rated yet
Yes they do have a slight advantage over intact horses. Neutered horses are not influenced by hormones like their intact peers and as such can concentrate better on the task at hand. The advantage doe...

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